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New Christian Musicals Now Available in Spanish and English!

Follow The Star

Three little lambs take the heart and mind on a journey of what it would have been like to be a lamb in Old Testament times. The journey then takes us to the cross where The Lamb of God paid the ultimate price.

Music and script written by De Dorman, arranged by Sharon Phillips,  Efrain Alvarado, composed by Karleen Warkentin. 

Translated by Rhoda Rodriguez and Daniela Cristabol.

Bell Choirs

If you would like to have a bell choir ministry contact De for more information.

A Gift for Pablo

God not only hears a little boy's prayer but sends a special message to him through missionaries that God knows him, loves him and has a special plan for his life. This drama takes place in the mountains of Central Mexico.

The musicals include Spanish and English dialogue, original soundtracks with songs in Spanish and English and the composed music. 

If you would like either musical, contact De via this site. 

 If your church has a  leader to guide a group of bell players and you have some sort of sound system, contact this ministry for information or go to

 Si su iglesia tiene un líder a guiar a un grupo de jugadores de bell y tiene algún tipo de sistema de sonido, póngase en contacto con este Ministerio para obtener información o visite