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New! Going Deep 

Nuevo!  Yendo por Completo

Available on

Viviende en las montanas de San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

Escribiendo por De Dorman

En Ingles e Espanol

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Writers materials

Whether one is led to write songs or books, these workbooks, designed to be used in a writer's workshop setting,  remind the author that writing begins in the heart, where God dwells. 

Special thanks to Rhoda Rodriguez and Daniele Cristobal for their Spanish editing and translation work.

All books are available on

The Ministry of Writing

The Ministry of Writing includes some technical areas of writing, grammar and then exams some of the motives for writing. 

Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul is a Christian workbook written with the youth in mind.  It sheds light on a heart that wants to glorify God through singing and songwriting.

I Will Sing Praise

I Will Sing Praise is a composition book for songwriters.

Coming Soon!

Scattered Among the Thorns- a devotional

There is love and light in the journey, but sometimes one must look among the thorns to find it.  This book is a reminder that the love of God never fails.

A Walk Around the Wall reveals what The Lord will do through a person who loves Him, His Word and HIs work.

Just a Thinkin' is a devotional written to get the reader to focus their thoughts toward Heaven and away from the world, even for a few moments.

La Medida de Una Iglesia is the Spanish translation of The Measure of a Church, which is a comparative study of the early church versus the modern day church.

Follow The Star is our first bilingual Christmas musical for children.  Original play and songs with chords and soundtrack. Available May 30, 2018. How would you feel if you were a little lamb in Old Testament days?  These little lambs follow the star all the way to the cross and worship The Lamb of God for taking their place.

A Gift for Pablo Available September 2019. Spanish and English original drama, songs and composed music. This musical takes place in the mountains of Central Mexico. Pablo realizes that God knows him, loves him and has a special plan for his life.

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