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Bugsy, the little fish who didn't like to listen to Mama, learned that a hiding place was a good thing to have. Run to the rock, Bugsy! 

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Bugsy's Run© 2019

Provided by Helping Hands Ministry De Dorman

Proverbs 14:26 In the fear of The LORD is strong confidence: and His children shall have a place of refuge.

Many times, the caretaker had tried to count the new additions to the pond, but he has never been able to get an accurate number. All he can conclude is that there are a lot of little Koi swirling in the blue water. Their colors are fun to watch as they follow one another back and forth across the little pond, which seems so big to such small fish. Do these little fish have friends or enemies? Let’s take a look at some of the happenings in the underwater fish world.

Mama Koi is content to know that all her orange, yellow and white spotted babies were doing well. They love to eat, especially when the caretaker comes to feed them. They like it that his food is easy to find. Because they were so little in the beginning, it was difficult to be able to see them from the surface, but after a few months and a lot of food, they could be seen dancing around in unison underwater.

In the beginning, the wise caretaker placed a large flat slate on top of four stones on the far side of the pond before the pond was filled. Some water plants were also arranged nicely just before filling it up. The little koi love swimming under and around the stones. This also makes a nice hiding place.

On the other side of the pond are rocks that the koi swim around. The fish like to play follow the leader and see who can be first to swim to the other side of the pond. Most of the time, life is good in the under-water world.

But Mama, who knew that little fish had enemies, told them many times what to do if they ever saw long, skinny black bird legs in the water. 

Watch out for Mr. Egret! she would warn. If you see his legs, go to the rock and hide until he is gone. Mama had witnessed many little fish who ended up being his snack because they didn’t get to the rock.

Bugsy, one of the little Koi, wasn’t at all alarmed.

I’m not afraid of any egret. I’m too fast for anyone to catch me. he proudly proclaimed.

On this particular day, the sun was shining brightly and the water was exceptionally warm. Mama told her family once again..

Mr. Egret can’t get me now; I’m too big, but he will try to get you little ones. He’s smart and patient, so at the first sign of his legs, get under the rock, you’ll be safe there.

Bugsy’s brother, Scout told him to pay attention when Mama talked, but Bugsy thought that Mama was treating him like a baby.

She worries too much, Scout. he said as he flexed his tail muscle and sped away to the other side of the pond.

And sure enough, on this warm sunny day, just as Mama finished her talk, a large shadowy creature flew over the pond.

It’s Mr. Egret! Get under to the rock, children, and stay underneath until I come for you.  Mama said, fretting for Bugsy, the one who caused her so much grief. But she had to see to it that all the other little ones were safe under the rock. She could only hope that Bugsy found safety, as well.

Before Bugsy could make it safety, two long black skinny legs plopped themselves in the shallow water. He darted to the pile of rocks but they were little protection. Mr. Egret walked over to the very rock in which all the littles were hiding. Some of the little ones wiggled nervously.

Mama calmed them by saying, Stay under the rock; he cannot get you here.

The hungry bird stood right on top of the flat rock but he couldn’t find one snack! One leg and then two were lifted off the rock so he could look around a little bit more. He walked around the pond until he saw something moving. 

Oh, no! It was Bugsy. He was out in the open water, with no shelter to protect him from the hungry bird.

Bugsy knew that he was in danger and swam as fast as he could, but not fast enough to get away. Mr. Egret’s big beak was now down in the water waiting for a nibble. He opened wide and snapped it quickly closed! He got a bite! Was it Bugsy?

Though the bird bit a piece of his tail fin, Bugsy was able to swim away. Can you guess to where he swam? Yes, he went under the rock and stayed there for a long time. He just found out that, though he may be a pretty fast swimmer among the little ones, he was no match for a big egret. With a sore tail and humble heart, he swam next to Mama, who was also under the rock.

Mama, you were right. I should have listened and not swam away. Bugsy sincerely said. 

You’re safe now, Son. Mama said as she gave him a pat on his head.

From that time on, Bugsy listened to his mama and told the story to any little one that didn’t want to listen, about the day he was almost bird food.

How about you? Is it difficult for you to hear instruction? The Bible tells us in Proverbs 13:1 that a wise son (or child) will listen to his father’s instructions, but a fool will not.

The enemy looks for those who have walked away from listening to wisdom; he wants to destroy their lives. (Read I Peter 5:8) but God sent His Son to Earth to rescue us from the enemy’s hands. Jesus is The Rock Who will hide His children from harm. Remember that you can run to Him in time of trouble, you don’t have to fight alone.


1. Why was Mama warning the little ones? (She loved them.)

2. Who was also concerned for Bugsy? (Scout)

3. Bugsy had a heart problem. What was it called? (Pride, sin..)

4. How do we know that Bugsy was sorry for his disobedience? (He listened and told others what had happened to him the day he wouldn’t listen.)

Some other verses that can be used-

Psalm 94:22 But The LORD is my Defence; and my God is The Rock of my refuge.

Psalm 62:6 He only is my Rock and my Salvation: He is my defence; I shall not be moved.