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A Gift for Pablo- This musical takes place in Mexico.  Pablo has some questions for God, and in His great love for Pablo, God sends the answers via missionaries. Pablo receives the best Christmas gift ever!

Un Regalo para Pablo- Este musical se lleva a cabo en México. Pablo tiene algunas preguntas para Dios y en Su grande para Pablo, Dios envía las respuestas a través de los misioneros y Pablo recibe el mejor regalo de Navidad de la historia!

The Bethlehem Herald-​ This musical is set in  Israel at the time of Christ- A reporter follows Jesus from the manger to the tomb and what he discovers changes his life for eternity.

 El Heraldo de Belén- Este musical está ambientado en Israel en la época de Cristo- Un reportero sigue a Jesús desde el pesebre hasta la tumba y lo que descubre cambia su vida por la eternidad.

Meet the team of volunteer writers below.

If you would like to use HHM musicals in your ministry, email at this site for more information. 

Follow the Star- Three little lambs take the heart and mind on a journey of what it would have been like to be a lamb in Old Testament times. The journey then takes us to the cross where The Lamb of God paid the ultimate price.

Sigue La Estrella-Tres pequeños corderos toman el corazón y la mente en un viaje de lo que habría sido ser un cordero en tiempos del Antiguo Testamento. El viaje entonces nos lleva a la cruz donde El Cordero de Dios pagó el precio final.

Musical writers include (left to right)

Dixie Phillips- Award winning writer of Christian songs and books: a dear pastor's wife  who has a heart for people and a keen insight to see past the surface to the hidden blessing of pain. 

De Dorman- Author and teacher with a missions' perspective.​​ Founder, director of Helping Hands Ministry.

Karleen Warkentin- A woman gifted in music, both in teaching and accompanying choirs. She makes it possible to provide sheet music for HHM musicals.

Sharon Phillips-This sweet woman puts personality and life to the words of the songs. She is sister-in-law to Dixie and is also an award winning writer and a dear pastor's wife with a heart for people.

Translations made possible by-

Rhoda Rodriguez- a woman of God with a heart to help in the work of The Lord. Through her efforts and the mighty hand of God, HHM materials have been able to saturate Latin American countries effectively with gospel materials of all types.

Special thanks to Daniela Cristobal for her services in translation, also. 

We are so blessed by each of these women warriors.

Photos below are from a production of Follow the Star- performed by a college in Monterrey, MX

 If your church has a  leader to guide a group of bell players and you have some sort of sound system, contact this ministry for information or go to

 Si su iglesia tiene un líder a guiar a un grupo de jugadores de bell y tiene algún tipo de sistema de sonido, póngase en contacto con este Ministerio para obtener información o visite

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