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Story time videos

He taught many things in parables. Mark 4:2

The Broken Ones

This is a parable, an earthly story with a Heavenly meaning, Can a broken Christmas tree ornament be salvaged, made into something beautiful?  Listen to what a master artist did with Max, a little red tree ornament. 

Bugsy's Run

A parable written and told to children about a hungry egret, a little fish and where to run for safety.

Our Recent Work

Obedience Brings Blessings

God gives some wonderful unconditional promises in His Word but what about the conditional promises? Do we, as His children, have a part in walking the blessed path?

Obedience Brings Blessings (a HHM character building gospel story) was written in 2004 after hearing the illustration used by an evangelist in a sermon.

Helping Hands Ministry story time videos

Emmie the Colombian Emerald


Sheltering in Place with Joseph